I’m gonna start doing a confidence meter for each game on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Good luck.

#19 Oklahoma State(-12.5) @ Iowa State
Iowa State should have beaten Texas a few weeks ago. Then they got killed. Twice. Oklahoma State isn’t very good though.
MG: Oklahoma State*****
Line: Oklahoma State****

Wake Forest(+24) @ #7 Miami
Miami survived a scare from UNC and now needs to avoid looking ahead to FSU, a game I’m not excited about.
MG: Miami*****
Line: Wake***

#25 Nebraska(-10) @ Minnesota
The Gophers got a nice win on the road against NW last week, but Nebraska has been playing well since the UCLA debacle.
MG: Nebraska****
Line: Nebraska***

#18 Louisville(-20.5) @ USF
Louisvilles undefeated season went up in flames against UCF last week, but they can still have a nice year. And they will get back on track against USF.
MG: Louisville*****
Line: Louisville**

UConn(+23.5) @ #23 UCF
Coming off maybe the biggest win in program history, the Knights will try to keep themselves on the BCS track against a terrible, terrible UConn team.
MG: UCF*****
Line: UCF**

Vandy(+17) @ #14 Texas A&M
Johnny is gonna play despite the shoulder injury. Vandy is coming off a big win but they need some serious firepower to keep up with the Ags.
MG: A&M****
Line: Vandy***

Tennessee(+28) @ #1 Alabama
Bama is just murdering people. Tennessee finally got a big win. I’d be shocked if they scored more than 10 against Bama.
MG: Bama*****
Line: Bama***

NC State(+32) @ #2 Florida State
I’d say look out for a letdown from the Noles but Jameis Winston has met every challenge so far.
MG: FSU*****
Line: FSU**

#9 Clemson(-16.5) @ Maryland
Clemson got rocked. How do you come back from that? Playing Maryland helps.
MG: Clemson****
Line: Clemson*

Eastern Michigan(+31) @ #24 Northern Illinois
NIU keeps getting these ridiculous lines and keeps failing to cover. I’m taking the underdog this time.
MG: NIU*****
Line: EMU***

#10 Texas Tech(+6.5) @ #17 Oklahoma
Undefeated Tech is a touchdown underdog on the road. No respect.
MG: Oklahoma***
Line: Oklahoma***

Duke(+13.5) @ #16 Virginia Tech
Classic offense vs defense showdown. VTs defense may be the best in America.
MG: VT*****
Line: VT***

#6 Baylor(-35) @ Kansas
I’m going 5 star confidence on a 35-point spread. Kansas is that bad.
MG: Baylor*****
Line: Baylor*****

#20 South Carolina(+3) @ #5 Mizzou
Mizzou is the surprise of the year thus far and Carolina is coming off a loss to Tennessee and may not have Connor Shaw.
MG: Mizzou***
Line: Mizzou***

#12 UCLA(+23.5) @ #3 Oregon
The spread here is shocking. A matchup of top-12 teams and a 24 point spread. Holy crap.
MG: Oregon****
Line: UCLA**

FAU(+24) @ #11 Auburn
Auburn got Malzahn his signature win at Kyle Field last week, now it’s FAU. Letdown alert.
MG: Auburn*****
Line: Auburn****

Penn State(+15) @ #4 Ohio State
After what I saw Stave do to Ohio State, I’m confident Hackenburg can mimic that and have a big day.
MG: Ohio State****
Line: Penn State****

#8 Stanford(-4) @ Oregon State
The Beavers are the most underrated team in America, but Stanford is back to playing Stanford style football, running and stopping the run.
MG: Stanford***
Line: Stanford***

#15 Fresno State(-7.5) @ San Diego State
Fresno’s last real test is this week, and this actually seems like a small spread. Someone knows more than me. But I’m used to that.
MG: Fresno****
Line: Fresno****

Good luck to all, thank Greenie later.

Week 8 Preview and Predictions

60-50-2. Ouch.

#10 Miami(-9.5) @ North Carolina
The Canes have historically struggled in Chapel Hill, and with their ascension back to the top 10, the target is squarely on their back.
MG: Miami
Line: North Carolina

UCF(+12.5) @ #8 Louisville
Louisville(and Teddy Bridgewater) is vastly overrated and UCF is one of the more underrated teams in America. Should be fun.
MG: Louisville
Line: UCF

#11 South Carolina(-7.5) @ Tennessee
The Vols should have beaten Georgia two weeks ago, but failed, now they face a Carolina team coming off a beatdown of Arkansas.
MG: S Carolina
Line: S Carolina

#15 Georgia(-7.5) @ Vanderbilt
Remember when I said preseason the Vandy would beat Florida, Georgia or South Carolina? Well, a depleted UGA team is an excellent candidate.
MG: Vanderbilt
Line: Vanderbilt

#22 Florida(-3) @ #14 Mizzou
I don’t know what to think about this game. Don’t bet it, cause I don’t know here.
MG: Florida
Line: Florida

#23 Northern Illinois(-16) @ Central Michigan
CMU has fallen mightily since the days of Lefevour and Jordan Lynch continues to dominate the MAC.
Line: NIU

#18 Oklahoma(-23.5) @ Kansas
Oklahoma got killed last week and Texas showed teams how to shut them down. Kansas has been better of late. Moving from high FCS quality to low FBS quality.
MG: Oklahoma
Line: Oklahoma

#24 Auburn(+12.5) @ #7 Texas A&M
It’s hard for me to believe that Malzahn won’t find a way to exploit a terrible A&M defense and at least cover the spread. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have an answer for Johnny Football, though.
Line: Auburn

#9 UCLA(+6) @ #13 Stanford
The Cardinal has looked, frankly, bad lately and a UCLA team that is absolutely rolling comes to town.
Line: UCLA

Iowa(+18) @ #4 Ohio State
Iowa struggles to score and Ohio State doesn’t really struggle to do anything. They will go undefeated. But will they reach the championship game?
MG: Ohio State
Line: Ohio State

#20 Washington(+3) @ Arizona State
Am I reading this right? UW a road underdog? Wow.
MG: Washington
Line: Washington

Arkansas(+28.5) @ #1 Alabama
Bama has been demolishing people and that defense looks much improved since Manziel and the Aggies tore it apart.
MG: Bama
Line: Bama

Iowa State(+33.5) @ #12 Baylor
Baylor survived a scare a week ago in Manhattan and that offense looked mortal.
MG: Baylor
Line: Iowa State

#6 LSU(-9.5) @ Ole Miss
A week ago, I would have taken Ole Miss vs the spread, but LSUs D looked much better last week and Ole Miss lost a ton of defensive guys a week ago.
Line: LSU

#5 Florida State(-3) @ #3 Clemson
The showdown is here! Probably the biggest game for the ACC since Miami and FSU were making title runs in the early 2000s.
MG: Florida State
Line: Florida State(but probably a push)

#25 Wisconsin(-14.5) @ Illinois
Wisconsin is coming off a huge home win over Northwestern and Scheelhaase has looked better for Illinois so far.
MG: Wisconsin
Line: Illinois

Washington State(+39) @ #2 Oregon
If you haven’t seen Oregon’s uniforms for this weekend, google it, I’ll wait.
MG: Oregon
Line: Oregon

UNLV(+24.5) @ #17 Fresno State
UNLV is no longer irrelevant, but Fresno is very very good in every aspect.
MG: Fresno
Line: Fresno

Good luck and thank Greenie later.

CFB Week 7 Preview and Predictions

55-40-2 through 6 weeks, including Rutgers from last night.

#25 Missouri(+7.5) @ #7 Georgia
Georgia has no remaining skill players. I think they’re moving their cornerbacks to receiver. Seriously. Mizzou is quietly 5-0.
MG: Georgia
Line: Missouri

#12 Oklahoma(-13.5) @ Texas
Rivalry games are always hard to predict. But Stoops owns Mack and Texas sucks.
MG: Oklahoma
Line: Oklahoma

Iowa State(+14.5) @ #20 Texas Tech
Tech looked better last week, albeit against Kansas, and have ISU then WVU before starting their string of OU/OSU/KState/Baylor/Texas to finish the year. Fun.
MG: Tech
Line: Iowa State

Pitt(+8.5) @ #24 Virginia Tech
VT has rebounded nicely from a disastrous opening week. They also should have lost to Marshall. They’re a weird team, but their defense is stout.
MG: Virginia Tech
Line: Pitt

#14 South Carolina(-6) @ Arkansas
The Gamecocks struggled a week ago with Kentucky at home. They go to Arkansas this week but are a bit in shambles. And Arkansas is due for a big win right? O yeah.
MG: Arkansas
Line: Arkansas

BC(+24.5) @ #3 Clemson
Clemson has been dominating some week competition. One more tuneup this week before the Noles come calling.
MG: Clemson
Line: Clemson

#15 Baylor(-17.5) @ Kansas State
Baylors offense is unstoppable. Literally. Good luck, Cats.
MG: Baylor
Line: Baylor

#17 Florida(+7) @ #10 LSU
Florida has injury issues and LSUs offense is the best it’s ever been, literally.
Line: LSU

#19 Northwestern(+10) @ Wisconsin
After Northwestern’s awful run defense was witnessed last week, Wisconsin’s game plan will be simple. And I don’t know if the Cats can keep up.
MG: Wisconsin
Line: Northwestern

#2 Oregon(-13) @ #16 Washington
Washington should have won last week. Ugh they should’ve won. And gameday is in Seattle. Should be fun.
MG: Oregon
Line: Oregon

Akron(+23.5) @ #23 Northern Illinois
Jordan Lynch is the best player in America that nobody knows about.
MG: Northern Illinois
Line: Northern Illinois

#18 Michigan(-2.5) @ Penn State
Michigan hasn’t been great. Penn State’s been pretty bad too. Should be an ugly ugly game.
MG: Michigan
Line: Michigan

#5 Stanford(-7.5) @ Utah
Utah almost got UCLA at home a week ago, and now Stanford comes in after a scare vs Washington.
MG: Stanford
Line: Stanford

#1 Alabama(-27) @ Kentucky
I don’t really have any thoughts on this game.
MG: Alabama
Line: Alabama(if it’s 28.5, take Kentucky)

#9 Texas A&M(-6.5) @ Ole Miss
Manziel comes back after a week off to the scene of his greatest escape on 2012. Ole Miss has been terrible lately.
Line: A&M

Cal(+25.5) @ #11 UCLA
Cal isn’t good. UCLA is. Still, doesn’t 25.5 seem a little high?
Line: Cal

Unranked wise, take Boise vs the line, Oregon State and Maryland.

Good luck to all! And thank Greenie later.

Week 6 Previews and Predictions

Here we go with week 6, I’ll re-calculate my record, but I did well last week…

#12 UCLA(-6) @ Utah
I like UCLA, as everyone knows. This is a tricky game though, as the Utes have been playing well.
Line: UCLA

#25 Maryland(+16) @ #8 Florida State
Florida States D looked awful last week, but Jameis Winston is still incredible. Shouldn’t be a problem winning, but I don’t know if they cover.
MG: Florida State
Line: Maryland

#20 Texas Tech(-17) @ Kansas
Tech isn’t great. But Kansas would have trouble making the FCS playoffs.
MG: Tech
Line: Tech

#7 Louisville(-32.5) @ Temple
Louisville struggled the last time they went on the road against Kentucky. But still.
MG: Louisville
Line: Louisville

Georgia Tech(+5.5) @ #14 Miami
Stephen Morris’ status remains questionable, though he is expected to start. Tech is coming off a tough loss but has had extra time to prepare for the Canes. Should be a fun one.
MG: Miami
Line: Miami

Minnesota(+19.5) @ #19 Michigan
The Wolverines, starting with their QB and going on down the line, have struggled of late, and don’t even look anywhere close to a top-25 team.
MG: Michigan
Line: Minnesota

Kansas State(+14) @ #21 Oklahoma State
The Pokes had a rough one a week ago in a game they should have won. They now find themselves in trouble in the Big 12 title hunt.
MG: Oklahoma State
Line: Oklahoma State

#3 Clemson(-13.5) @ Syracuse
A fun home game in the first ACC year for the Cuse. They won’t win, assuredly, but I think they could keep it close for awhile.
MG: Clemson
Line: Clemson

#6 Georgia(-10.5) @ Tennessee
The Dawgs come off an emotional win to take on a Tennessee team who barely beat South Alabama.
MG: Georgia
Line: Georgia

#23 Fresno State(-27) @ Idaho
Fresno has been showing no mercy to anyone.
MG: Fresno
Line: Fresno

#2 Oregon(-38.5) @ Colorado
Oregon’s lines are ridiculous. I don’t even bet on them because it’s hard to predict someone beating another team by 40+. But they keep covering.
MG: Oregon
Line: Oregon

#24 Ole Miss(-3) @ Auburn
Bo Wallace’s smack talk last week before Bama didn’t help. Now they remain in that state to face the Tigers in Jordan-Hare. I like Ole Miss, barely.
MG: Ole Miss
Line: Ole Miss(if it’s 3.5, I’m taking Auburn)

Arkansas(+11.5) @ #18 Florida
The Gators keep being bitten by the injury bug, but they keep winning. Say what you will about Muschamp, but this team plays hard at least.
MG: Florida
Line: Florida

#10 LSU(-9.5)@ Miss. State
LSU could have, and maybe should have, won last week. They’ll win in Starkville no problem. If you get a money line here, bet it hard.
Line: LSU

TCU(+10) @ #11 Oklahoma
This is a trap game for OU. After a big win and before the Texas game. TCU isn’t bad either, especially on defense.
MG: Oklahoma
Line: TCU

#22 Arizona State(+5.5) @ Notre Dame
The Sun Devils continue to be disrespected, sitting at 5 point underdogs against an unranked foe. Maybe it’s because when on the sidelines, their coach looks like he should be taking orders at Mcdonalds.
MG: Notre Dame
Line: Arizona State

Kentucky(+21) @ #13 South Carolina
South Carolina survived a lazy effort a week ago against UCF. Kentucky hung with Florida. Still, Kentucky is so bad.
MG: South Carolina
Line: Kentucky(20.5, I’m taking Carolina)

West Virginia(+28) @ #17 Baylor
Clint Trickett finally gets a shot and look, you upset Oklahoma State. Now it’s on to the buzz saw that is the Baylor Bears.
MG: Baylor
Line: Baylor

#4 Ohio State(-7) @ #16 Northwestern
Preseason, I said Northwestern would win this one. Do I still think that? Well, probably not, but I’m sticking with my preseason pick anyway.
MG: Northwestern
Line: Northwestern

#15 Washington(+7.5) @ #5 Stanford
This is an overlooked game this weekend, and maybe the one I’m most excited to see. I like Stanford here, but Sarkisian is building something in Washington.
MG: Stanford
Line: Washington

Check back next week for reaction! Have a good weekend, and happy Week 6.

Week 5 Preview and Predictions

33-28 vs the line

56-7 straight up
#15 Miami(-18.5) @ USF 

Everything seems to be in order with Stephen Morris, so we will assume he’s a go. 

MG: Miami

Line: Miami

#12 South Carolina(-7) @ UCF

Two really good teams going here. Respect to Spurrier for traveling to Orlando here. Don’t sleep on the Knights(see what I did there)! 

MG: South Carolina

Line: South Carolina

#11 Oklahoma State(-18) @ West Virginia 

3rd straight home underdog here, but West Virginia is in nightmarish shape, and the countdown is on for Dana Holgersen. 

MG: Oklahoma State

Line: West Virginia

#8 Florida State(-21.5) @ Boston College 

Jameis Winston takes his show to the Northeast. Shouldn’t have a problem at all with the awful awful BC Eagles. 

MG: Florida State 

Line: Florida State

Wake Forest(+28.5) @ #3 Clemson Clemson struggled on the road last week, and almost blew it as only Clemson can do. They survived, and are rewarded with the disaster that is Wake Forest.

MG: Clemson 

Line: Clemson

#6 LSU(+3) @ #9 Georgia 

So excited for this one! Yet another awesome SEC matchup. It all comes down to what Mettenberger can do on the road, cause we know the LSU defense is legit.


Line: LSU

#14 Oklahoma(-3.5) @ #22 Notre Dame 

The Irish are so overrated. But then again, I don’t think OU is as good as their ranking either. Should be a fun game to check out at LSU commercials. 

MG: Oklahoma

Line: Oklahoma

#21 Ole Miss(+14) @ #1 Alabama More SEC greatness! Ole Miss’ defensive speed could be an issue for the Tide. But they’ll still win. 

MG: Alabama 

Line: Ole Miss

#20 Florida(-12.5) @ Kentucky Another devastating injury for Florida, as their best player Dominique Easley is out for the year. MG: Florida 

Line: Florida

#10 Texas A&M @ Arkansas 

No line here yet. But Johnny Footballs here! 

MG: Texas A&M

Arizona(+10) @ #16 Washington

I’m a believer in the Huskies. Sarkisian is finally doing his thing. MG: Washington 

Line: Washington

#23 Wisconsin(+7) @ #4 Ohio State There could be a QB controversy in Columbus, as Guyton has been tearing it up in Miller’s absence. 

MG: Ohio State 

Line: Ohio State

#5 Stanford(-9.5) @ Washington State 

Stanford ripped Arizona State last week, but they’re one of a few teams that never seems to have a hangover

MG: Stanford

Line: Stanford

Cal(+36) @ #2 Oregon

I like the strides Cal is taking thus far with Sonny Dykes. But it’s Oregon. In Eugene. 

MG: Oregon 

Line: Cal

#25 Fresno State(-18.5) @ Hawaii Fresno survived Boise last week, but this could be a potential hangover game, traveling to beautiful Hawaii and playing a bad team in a low-emotion atmosphere.

MG: Fresno State 

Line: Hawaii

What We Learned from CFB Week 4

33-28 vs the line on the year

56-7 straight up

Poor weekend for me.

Here’s 11 things we learned (in honor of the greatest college QB of all-time, Miami Hurricanes #11 Ken Dorsey):

1) Baylor has a legitimate chance at an undefeated season

Oklahoma (who Baylor gets at home) is decent and Okie State is pretty good, but outside of those 2, there’s not a ton of challengers in the Big 12.

2) Jeff Driskel’s injury is a good thing for Florida

Driskel went down with an injury in the first quarter. Tyler Murphy, Driskel’s backup, is better than Driskel and should only continue to improve with more reps.

3) Fresno State may crash the BCS party

They survived Boise State at home in a great football game and now they have very few real threats remaining on the schedule. I would be shocked if the Bulldogs didn’t go unbeaten.

4) Stanford is as advertised

I wasn’t sold after 2 lackluster performances to start the year, but after the beatdown they put on a decent Arizona State team Saturday, I can’t wait for Stanford-Oregon.

5) Notre Dame (and Michigan State) is terrible

They mustered 17 points at home. They’re not very good. All you have to do is watch them play and you’ll realize that.

6) Apparently you are allowed the shorten the quarters

At the end of both the Miami and Ohio State blowouts, the 4th quarter was shortened to 12 minutes. I didn’t know it was allowed, but it certainly was merciful for Savannah State and Florida A&M.

7) Michigan isn’t as good as the Notre Dame game made them look

A week after they survived Akron at home, a game most thought was a fluke, the Wolverines struggled to beat UConn on the road, a game that should never have been close.

8) With each passing week, my Northwestern pick looks better

Michigan isn’t very good. Michigan State’s awful. Nebraska is in turmoil. I picked Northwestern to win the Legends Division, and they might just do it. Off week for the Cats, then the Buckeyes come to town.

9) Don’t count out Washington in the Pac-12 North

Obviously beating Stanford and Oregon is a monumental task, but Washington has been very good so far. They beat the hell out of Boise in Week 1, a team that it now appears is pretty good, and they haven’t faltered in any way since. Will they win the North? Probably not. But they have a chance.

10) Butch Jones is kind of an idiot

I don’t know what he was trying to prove by starting Peterman over Worley, but it was a nightmare. They could have played without a quarterback for the first half of that game and been in a better position than they were.

11) Johnny Football is America’s best player, and it’s not close

Just watch a game, if you haven’t yet. Just sit there in unbiased awe and watch the man as he rips defenses apart and makes fantastic athletes look like middle school backups.

Greenie’s Top 25:

1. Oregon

2. Alabama

3. Clemson

4. Stanford

5. LSU

6. Ohio State

7. Texas A&M

8. Georgia

9. Florida State

10. Louisville

11. UCLA

12. Oklahoma State

13. Oklahoma

14. Baylor

15. South Carolina

16. Northwestern

17. Miami

18. Florida

19. Washington

20. Ole Miss

21. Michigan

22. Fresno State

23. Wisconsin

24. UCF

25. Northern Illinois

That’s that! Check back Thursday for Preview and Picks!

Week 4 Predictions

29-19 vs the line
43-7 straight up, I think. Anyways, I’ll start predicting scores too in case your line is different and also so you can see my line pick without me making 2 different picks.
Here we go.

#3 Clemson(-13.5) @ NC State
Clemson needs to get their D going as we approach the showdown with FSU.
Pick: Clemson, 38-24

FIU(+43) @ #7 Louisville
Teddy Bridgewater may have ruined his Heisman chances last week. But he should rebound this week.
Pick: Louisville, 55-14

North Texas(+33) @ #9 Georgia
UGA has 2 Heisman candidates and could work themselves back into the national title picture with some help.
Pick: Georgia, 56-21

Tennessee(+16.5) @ #19 Florida
Florida had a bye after the loss to Miami while Tennessee got spanked by Oregon. Still, I don’t think Florida is good. AT ALL.
Pick: Florida, 27-17

Michigan State(+4.5) @ #22 Notre Dame
The Irish survived last week against Purdue. I think Michigan State is just awful tho. Should be a pathetic football game.
Pick: Notre Dame, 29-17

Purdue(+24) @ #24 Wisconsin
Wisconsin should be undefeated. I’m so disappointed in those refs. They will rebound with a win, but I think Purdue covers.
Pick: Wisconsin: 35-20

Louisiana-Monroe(+29) @ #20 Baylor
ULM has bitten me a couple times early. Baylor is the most underrated team in America and will score 50 at least, but can they stop ULM enough to cover? Hmmm.
Pick: Baylor 59, ULM 28

Colorado State(+39) @ #1 Alabama
Alabama and Saban may try to have a relaxing day coming off an emotional win in College Station.
Pick: Alabama, 45-7

Texas State(+27.5) @ #25 Texas Tech
Tech looked horrendous on offense last week. A new QB and a bad team should help them turn it around.
Pick: Tech, 48-17

#23 Arizona State(+5.5) @ #5 Stanford
The Cardinal is overrated, but they’re still good and playing at home. The Sun Devils should have some momentum tho after last week.
Pick: Stanford, 31-24

Auburn(+17.5) @ #6 LSU
Auburn has surprised me out of the gate and Malzahn has those guys believing. Still, it’s Death Valley at night.
Pick: LSU, 37-21

#15 Michigan(-17.5) @ UConn
Michigan was awful last week and hopefully it was a wake up call. UConn lost to Towson week 1.
Pick: Michigan 44-21

New Mexico State(+42) @ #13 UCLA
Everyone knows I love the Bruins this year!
Pick: UCLA, 45-10

Some non-top 25 games to take a look at:
Missouri(+1) @ Indiana
Kent State(+21) @ Penn State
Boise State(+4.5) @ Fresno State
I’m takin all the underdogs there.

Have a good week and good luck to all! Check back for reaction on Tuesday.

Week 4 Predictions

I’m 29-19 vs the line thus far
43-7 straight up
It’s disappointing, but it’ll get better. Lets do this week. I’ll start predicting scores in case your line is different. Cause I’m a man of the people.

#3 Clemson(-13.5) @ NC State
Clemson will win, for sure, but I’d like to see more from their defense as we creep closer to the FSU showdown.
MG: Clemson, 41-27
Line: Clemson

Florida International(+42) @ #7 Louisville
Teddy Bridgewater may have ruined his Heisman campaign last week. They should be fine this week.
MG: Louisville, 55-14
Line: FIU

North Texas(+32.5) @ #9 Georgia
UGA has 2 Heisman candidates right now and a real chance to get back into the National Title Conversation.
MG: Georgia, 56-21
Line: Georgia

Tennessee(+16.5)@ #19 Florida
Florida had a week off after the Miami loss while Tennessee got stomped by Oregon. Still, I don’t think UF is good. Like, at all.
MG: Florida, 27-17
Line: Tennessee

Week. 3 Reaction

11-4 vs the line and 16-1 straight up to push my season record to:
29-19 vs the line
43-7 straight up(I miscounted horribly last week; don’t know what that was)

It was a solid week for me on the bets front. Lost another two straight up which I hate, although if they hadnt gotten screwed, I would have won Wisconsin and I don’t know why I continue to pick Texas.

11 things we learned: (in honor of the greatest college QB of all-time Miami Hurricanes #11 Ken Dorsey)
(1) Alabama is good but AJ McCarron may be the most overrated player in the nation. He made two really good throws. He missed a ton of wide open guys that could have given Bama some breathing room. The only passes he had to make all day were to absolute wide open guys or a quick pass to the flats.

(2) Johnny Manziel is the best player in college football and it’s not even close. You may hate it, which is conceivable, although lets be honest, you wouldn’t really care about his offseason exploits had it not been blown out of proportion by ESPN in a way that paints him as the villain. He’s good tho. Lawd, he’s good.

(3) UCLA is for real. They fell behind 21-3 in a hostile environment and came back with 38 unanswered points to beat Nebraska 41-21 on the road.

(4) The officials from the Arizona State game should be fired. I know he didn’t technically “go down”, but he was clearly giving himself up. I don’t know what the officials were doing standing there waiting to set the ball. I just don’t get it. A travesty. Wisconsin should still be undefeated.

(5) Oregon-Alabama is so close I can taste it. They’re the two best teams, there’s no question, it’s just a matter of whether or not they can remain unscathed this season. I want this matchup. I think we all do.

(6) Teddy Bridgewater may have killed his Heisman hopes. It’s unfair, but when you play an awful schedule, you have to be at your best every week and he was terrible against Kentucky.

(7) Notre Dame isn’t very good. They barely beat PURDUE on the road this week. The Irish just aren’t very good, really, lets get them out of the top 25.

(8) 2 of Americas 5 best teams were on the field in College Station on Saturday. These teams will both be deserving of a BCS game, it’s just a matter, for A&M, of beating Ole Miss and LSU.

(9) Texas is lost. This team is done. They play with no passion whatsoever. They’re soft. They’re weak. They’re slow. They’re just overall pathetic. Mack Brown is done and this program needs a total overhaul.

(10) Stanford is shockingly overrated. They beat Army by just 14 on the road. They’re a decent team, but nowhere close to a top-5.

(11) Florida State-Clemson is going to be fun. Jameis Winston put up another outstanding performance and currently has more touchdowns(6) than incompletions(5). I can’t wait for this one, coming on October 19.

That’s all, except for my Top 25! Here it is:
1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Clemson
4. Ohio State
5. Texas A&M
6. LSU
7. Florida State
8. Georgia
9. Stanford
10. Louisville
11. UCLA
12. South Carolina
13. Oklahoma State
14. Michigan
15. Northwestern
16. Miami
17. Washington
18. Ole Miss
19. Oklahoma
20. Baylor
21. Florida
22. Wisconsin
23. Fresno State
24. Arizona State
25. Georgia Tech

Week 3 Predictions

22-5 overall, 18-15 vs the line

#24 TCU(-3) @ Texas Tech
Kingsbury has these guys playing good football. I like Tech this year and moving forward. TCUs offense, meanwhile, is shaky at best.
MG: Texas Tech
Line: Texas Tech

#5 Stanford(-28.5) @ Army
Stanford’s offense was stagnant last week and they need to correct that before PAC-12 play starts.
MG: Stanford
Line: Army

#7 Louisville(-13.5) @ Kentucky
While they haven’t played anyone good, Louisville has looked incredible. And Kentucky lost to Western Kentucky.
MG: Louisville
Line: Louisville

Akron(+37) @ #11 Michigan
I would say watch out for a Michigan letdown. But it’s Akron.
MG: Michigan
Line: Michigan

#16 UCLA(+4.5) @ #23 Nebraska
Nebraska looked awful week 1, and UCLA has looked good so far. A very rare 11am start between two good, ranked teams.
Line: UCLA

Tulsa(+24) @ #14 Oklahoma
Oklahoma is way overrated. Wayyyyy overrated.
MG: Oklahoma
Line: Tulsa

Nevada(+33.5) @ #10 Florida State
Jameis Winston’s first home game figures to be as prolific as his first road game was.
MG: Florida State
Line: Florida State

Tennessee(+27.5) @ #2 Oregon
It’s an interesting game, and I respect Oregon for scheduling what they thought would be decent opponents. Even if it didn’t turn out that way.
MG: Oregon
Line: Oregon

#1 Alabama(-7.5) @ #6 Texas A&M
The premiere game in college football this week. And I’ll be there. At Kyle Field in all its glory. Gig ‘Em. That being said, I’m not confident at all in this Aggie defense.
MG: Alabama
Line: Texas A&M

#19 Washington(-9.5) @ Illinois
Illinois smashed a decent Cincinnati team last week and should have some confidence facing UDub.
MG: Washington
Line: Illinois

Vanderbilt(+13.5) @ #13 South Carolina
South Carolina comes off a drubbing by Georgia and Vandy has had a week off to prepare for Spurrier’s Gamecocks.
MG: South Carolina
Line: Vanderbilt

Kent State(+37.0) @ #9 LSU
LSU has looked good so far, but the Golden Flashes are a pretty good team with one of the truly underrated players in the nation, Dri Archer, who has an ankle injury but is hoping to play.
Line: Kent State

#4 Ohio State @ Cal
No line has been set yet, so check back for my pick when the line does come out, presumably in the next day or so when Braxton Miller’s status is certain.
MG: Ohio State
Line: TBD

#21 Notre Dame(-20.5) @ Purdue
Notre Dame may have a bit of a hangover. They won’t lose because Purdue is awful. But they may hang around.
MG: Notre Dame
Line: Purdue

#25 Ole Miss @ Texas
Again, no line because of David Ash’s status. I’m anxious to see this game, though, as Texas tries to right the ship before Mack Brown is terminated.
MG: Texas
Line: TBD

Western Michigan(+30.5) @ #17 Northwestern
Northwestern, as everyone knows, is my team this year. This is just another step on the road to 11 wins and a legends division title. Pat Fitzgerald!!!!
MG: Northwestern
Line: Northwestern

#20 Wisconsin(+5.5) @ Arizona State
Arizona State just blows it every year and Wisconsin always overachieves. Not a great formula for the Sun Devils.
MG: Wisconsin
Line: Wisconsin

Feel free to use these picks and thank Greenie later! Good luck to all. Go Canes and Gig ‘Em.